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GPS-Based Fleet & Asset Security, Tracking Dispatch Reporting, & Records Retention

Our history

The SkyLink Systems LLC officially started in business in August of 2016, under the name “Black Diamond Logistics”. Our first client was a tech company from California that worked with Trucking and Freight Logistics. We would receive loads from shippers and post them to an auction were the Carriers could bid on the loads, and the shippers could accept or reject the offers they were getting. 

Our staff noticed that there was a need to be able to track the shipments in real-time, and we started looking for companies who could do that for us. We found many companies out there that offered equipment to track assets, but that was all they did. No one monitored real-time activities in the field as a service to small to medium-sized fleets or service businesses. We identified the need for the same or similar products in the service industry. We decided to add those products and services to our menu.

Our first GPS Tracking Customer was an Electrical Contractor in Eastern Arizona with a fleet of 8 3/4 and 1-ton service trucks. In addition to providing a full-service Dispatch Center, SkyLink Systems LLC has evolved into a full-service business process outsourcing (BPO) provider. 


Our Mission

SkyLink Systems LLC is on a mission to revolutionize industries through cutting-edge technology. Our relentless pursuit of innovation results in safer, eco-friendly, and highly efficient solutions that benefit businesses, workers, and communities. Rooted in Thoughtful Ingenuity, our products and services exemplify safety, security, accuracy, efficiency, and unmatched value, propelling progress and delivering tangible investments in a better future.

the team

Our team members are devoted to delivering the finest possible service.

Robert Johnson

Managing Member


Investor and Agricultural Technical Consultant

Renny Johnson

Southwest US Area Tech Support

Reginaldo Suyom

Training/ Mgt. Team Member


Technical Expert


U.S Advertising Manager/ Mgt. Team Member


Pacific Northwest US Area Sales Rep.

Robert Pacheco

Southwest US Area Sales Rep.

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