gps-based fleet management

GPS-Based Fleet & Asset Security, Tracking Dispatch Reporting, & Records Retention


GPS-Based Fleet & Asset Security, Tracking Dispatch Reporting, & Records Retention

key benefits

Optimize Your Fleet Size

Assess and adjust the number of vehicles in your fleet to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Enhance Driver Efficiency

Implement measures or provide tools and training to help drivers complete their tasks more efficiently, reducing delays, optimizing routes, and accomplishing their duties in less time while maintaining safety and quality standards.

Tailored to Fit Your Fleet

Customized solution to suit your fleet's particular needs, ensuring that you receive a solution that aligns perfectly with your operational scale and demands.

Build Brand Reputation

Your vehicles are mobile billboards that represent you, your company, and your employees. By monitoring your drivers and providing proactive coaching, your drivers will be the best ambassadors possible to represent your brand and exhibit the most professionalism possible.

Reduced Liability

Reduce your auto liability insurance costs by up to 10% and increased protection against false claims. Safeguards your company, employees, and reputation. Through continuous monitoring and record-keeping, you can provide evidence that your drivers were not at fault in accidents or engaging in misconduct. It also helps maintain billing accuracy.

Improved Customer Service

Regardless of your Industry, implementing GPS Tracking and Asset Management technology into your business will improve your overall customer service. You can provide accurate ETAs of your service technicians and employees to your customers.


SkyLink Systems’ asset management software is one of a few solutions that provides on-demand and real-time monitoring of assets and equipment, enabling you to make informed decisions about maintenance intervals, billing, and out-of-hours use. With SkyLink Systems, you can:

  • Activity Reporting such as location tracking, route optimization, driving statistics summaries, compliance reports, utilization data, idle time monitoring, alert details, user activity tracking, and efficient vehicle management.
  • Diagnostic Reports ensure fleet health by providing real-time performance data, monitoring odometer readings and run times for effective maintenance planning, and sending timely service reminders to enhance vehicle reliability. It’s a valuable tool for proactive fleet maintenance.
  • Other Services: 24/7 Dispatch & Customer Service Centers, In Cab Technologies such as Camera Systems, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) for compliance with Federal Hours of Service Rules

our tools

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Vehicle GNSS Tracker

The WeTrack2 is a vehicle tracker manufactured to meet the needs of e-scooter and motorcycle tracking. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronics industry standards. Providing functions such as remote fuel cut-off, geo-fence function, and over-speed warning, the WeTrack2 provides crucial visibility into the status of the vehicle and the behavior of its driver.


LTE Cat l Versatile Asset GNSS Tracker

The SL-LL02 is an LTE asset tracker with 6,000mAh large battery. Depending on its strong magnetic covet it can be effortlessly deployed with almost zero installation. This device can be directly configured via Bluetooth, also a light sensor and vibration detection feature play critical roles in anti-theft campaign, making SL-LL02 a powerful device that brings much convenience to users.


LTE Vehicle GNSS Tracker

Improve the performance of your fleet business today with the feature-rich and lightning-fast JM-VL01. The JM-VL01 is a powerful and easy-to-install 4G GPS tracker that gives you actionable telematics insights. In addition to standard functions such as GPS location and geo-fence alerts, the JM-VL01 can also act as a WiFi hotspot.


LTE Cat M1/NB2 Fleet Tracker

The JM-VL02 is designed to handle industrial and commercial fleet applications ranging from rental agencies and public transportation to construction equipment and beyond. With ACC detection, SOS button, remote fuel/power cutoff and various other I/Os for peripherals this powerful device can be customized to streamline your operations and boost efficiency. And, using cutting-edge lJE (Cat Ml/NB-loT) and GSM communications the VL02 will be helping you maximize your fleet operations for years to come.


LTE Cat 1 Vehicle Tracker

The JM-VL03 is a discretely-installed 4G LTE GPS tracker designed for the management of vehicles of all types. The wide, 9-90V input voltage range is compatible with almost all vehicles and the features of this device will prove valuable in managing mobile assets of all sorts. LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback ensures a solid connection in almost all cases and the advanced GPS antenna provides strong signal acquisition and more accurate positioning capability. In addition to these features Driver Behavior Analysis (DBA) and the suite of event-triggered alerts will make the Vl:03 a valuable part of your fleet management strategy.



The JM-VL04 is a professional 4G OBD vehicle tracker you can easily install. With its advanced accelerometec gyroscope, and special algorithm, JM-VL04 can detect improper driving behaviors precisely calculate mileages. and prevent the dark spots occur in the area with poor GNSS signal. By leveraging different 4G communication modules. it covers almost all global IJE frequency bands. A revolutionary update is the voice alarm, which can remind drivers to behave correctly when their bad driving activities have been detected. Moreovec It also supports the embedded microphone for remote listen-in.

industries we serve

Non-Emergency Medical Transport
Ensuring timely, reliable non-emergency medical transportation. Our system records pick-up, drop-off, and aids insurance billing, enhancing patient care and reputation while reducing insurance costs.
Common Carrier Passenger Transportation (Van, Bus, and Taxi)
Our real-time monitoring system ensures punctual public/private transportation. It provides precise arrival times, distance, and validates customer complaints, streamlining billing.
Service Industry
We optimize service businesses (plumbers, electricians, landscapers) by improving dispatching, service quality, reducing costs, and providing 24/7 front office support.
Food & Beverage
We empower the food and beverage industry by enhancing operational efficiency, maintain product quality, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs.
Aviation Support Services
SkyLink Systems aids Ag and Fire Aviation by dispatching resources, real-time tracking, and precise service time tracking for billing and compliance.
Oil And Gas Industry
SkyLink Systems manages oil and gas services with equipment monitoring, theft detection, fuel tracking, and vandalism prevention for streamlined operations.
Automotive Industry
Provide automotive companies with tools to improve inventory management, enhance supply chain visibility, optimize logistics, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.
First Responders
GPS-based fleet management solutions significantly enhance the capabilities of first responder agencies by improving response times, safety, resource allocation, and overall incident management.

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